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Lilith grows long hair.

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Lilith is a demoness with a human appearance except that she has wings.


In the tale "The Evocation" by Thorp McClusky,

Lilith is described in the following way:

"The apparition was becoming a transparent but well-defined female shape with exquisite proportions.
She was wearing an ancient tiara and her smile was a curved menace, devilishly seducing, as the lovableness of her delicate and dignified features.

She had no colours, she was a simple light shape; however Farrel felt that her hair had to be black with bluish veins and that her slightly aquiline face, her pretty curved shoulders and her thin arms should have a warm olive shade.

Lilith, the Dancer's Daughter, the Queen of the Lilin ...
The apparition became more and more definite, and finally there she was, at the pentagon's center, a woman of incredible beauty.

The Presence, the Queen of Lilin, was now transparent ... then translucent ... in the end dull, solid and -in spite of her ghost origin- apparently of flesh and blood.

Her exquisite exotic features were charming and nobody in the world had ever dreamt of her beauty for a lot of years.

Lilith, who smiled from the pentagon, was a so forgotten beauty that she couldn't even exist as a remote memory; Lilith, the immortal Queen of all moonlit nights, the Queen of the Lilin, who danced in front of Suleiman, whom prayer and peace are with!

She smiled with a slow and carmine charm. Her dark eyes with long eyelashes had no fear. Her thin arms moved as twin nacre snakes when she stroked the night of her long raven hair.

Lilitu! Agrat bat Mahhat! (Lilith! The Dancer's Daughter!)"


In all times Lilit has served as muse for artists… There are countless pieces of art devoted to Lilit… Due to limitations, on this page I’m bringing only a few beloved ones :)

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"Lilith". 1892
Kenyon Cox (American, 1856-1919)



Detail from Michelangelo's "Temptation and Fall"
from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.
By far the most famous of the Lilith-Serpent paintings.

"Lady Lilith"
By Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1864-73.
This painting was created to accompany a poem written by the artist.
Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts, Wilmington, Delaware.

"a temptation scene"
Adam, Lilit & Eve
From the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.
Lilith and Medusa.
by Morgan Drex.
watercolour and pencil on paper--all 3 images part of one scroll.
by Valeria Dimitrova

& for these images I’m the muse myself:) The painter is my dearest course-mate.. Davit. We would sit together & chat, play, disturb dull classes.. & he would paint for me on the back of my notebooks.. He never titles his works, so I entitled them myself :o)

"Adam & Lilit"
by DAV
by DAV

by DAV


"The Fall"
by DAV
by DAV



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