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Lilith & Astrology


Nothing is eternal under the Moon…

In the mythology Lilith is also known as an invisible Earth's satellite and for this reason she's called "Black Moon". In Egyptian culture we find the hypothesis of a invisible earth satellite called Nephtys, invisible why it absorbs but doesn't reflect -as all other things- sunlight.

This invisible star symbolizes in the best way Lilith, the rebel and autoerotic demoness. The glyph corresponding to her is the one shown in the Judaic Encyclopaedia, which asserts that, among the lilithian negativenesses, there are "melancholy" and "black mood" (Saturn has these properties, too). Therefore, to represent her astronomically, it's necessary to draw a waning moon with a low cross, considering that Lilith seems just an overturned Saturn. On the other hand this planet is, to many writers, both female and male and, being the opposite of the Moon because it's situated at a distance of 180 degress, is its overturned image. By mere chance, Lilith, invisible satellite, has a glyph which is the overturned image of Saturn.

In ancient times we find the hypothesis of an invisible earth satellite known as Nephtys, to which Pitagora gave the name "Anti-Earth". This heavenly body, which absorbs and doesn't reflect sunlight, is the one who better represents the archetype of Lilith, the provocative and lustful creature, who rebels against the first man by copulating with demons and forcing Jahvé to create Eve. Since then until today, the image of "negative" feminine is part of every civilization: evil goddesses, pythonesses, necromancers, sorceresses, soothsayers and witches, who generally were ugly and bad, but also satanic charmers, able to push a man to perdition. In this way sexuality became synonymous with sin, dirty thing, loss of reason! That's why the "obscure side" of our erotic charge finds in the Black Moon, known by everybody as Lilith, the reference star and protecting goddess.


Black Moon & Astrology

In some horoscopes the monthly passage of Lilith is shown, together with her influence on human sexuality. Her meanings in the Houses, the Signs and the Aspects with other planets will be more or less considered as those of a strongly damaged Venus or of a Venus who sublimes negatively her sexuality. We also remind you that Lilith, the Black Moon, allows us to discover, in addition to the obscure side of our sexuality, our relation with occultism, transcendent, mental powers. In fact, if she's in a very strong position, Lilith always causes a strong intellectual excitement and plays a leading role in many horoscopes of mediums, occultists and sensitives. You don't have to be surprised by that, because the Moon, black or white, always symbolizes the unconscious, the intuition and the inspiration.

/From the article "Lilith: the "first" woman by Clara Negri/


August 11 - Total Eclipse of the Sun! the last
total eclipse of the millennium.

This most potent pattern of 1999 features a major challenge pattern--almost all planets are in a grand cross in fixed signs. This is like an archaeological dig at the psychic level that uncovers buried layers of our experience, a major piece of work that will show its effects over the next several months or longer. It's like a riding a roller coaster--or more to the point, a dragon! Eclipses are aligned with the Moon's Nodes, also called the Dragon Head and Tail. The closer the New or Full moon to the Nodes, the more total the eclipse. This one is real close. It's on the New Moon and North Node, the Dragon Head.

An eclipse is a literal darkening, representing an important shift in consciousness, as the unconscious takes over for a potent moment in a transference of energy. The face of the Moon covers the face of the Sun and changes its mask. A new play unfolds, especially so in Leo, the drama sign of the zodiac! The Black Goddess plays a starring role, most obviously in her guise as the New Moon, its time of darkness and invisibility. We will actually "see" this New Moon as a silhouette in front of the Sun. She becomes visible in her darkness. A New Moon is a new birth from the union of the Sun and Moon, enhanced this time by the altered light of such an eclipse.


"The dark moon: Sun, Earth, Moon & Lilith"
Author Unknown.
The Earth's second moon was an astronomical 'discovery' that was ultimately discredited. However, not before the astronomer who discovered it named it Lilith, and it was then incorporated into some astrological systems as an influential heavenly body with some of the characteristics of the mythical figure Lilith. It is still used by some astrologers.

As we live our lives, we give birth to ourselves again and again as we re-imagine who we are. This is the aspiration and inspiration of the divine feminine, emerging from the star-sparked womb of the night sky into the manifest light of day. The Sun-Moon union of such a total eclipse echoes the main theme of relationship dynamics that engages us this year, with a prolonged conjunction of Chiron and Juno. On the day of the eclipse that conjunction is again on-line, with the Shaman-Healer in the same degree as the Queen of the Gods who rules over union and commitment. This conjunction calls for a healing and new levels of relationship, both personally and globally. We are asked to let go of resistance and fear to seek a deeper honesty and truth upon which to base the new millennium.

Also on Eclipse Day, another potent conjunction is in progress, as dark-faced Pluto welcomes an esoteric familiar-- Black Moon Lilith. Black Moon is the second focal point of the Moon's elliptical orbit around the Earth, the same point at which the Moon its at its farthest point from Earth, reaching out toward the Sun. Thus, Black Moon is an invisible energy vortex, a key dynamic in the Sun-Moon-Earth relationship.

As an intuitive science, the full power of astrology lies in transforming consciousness through imagery. What power images have in our unconscious! What images do we hold and where do these images come from? What motivations underlie these images and how might they need to change? Astrology as a language of the soul contains the power of the imagination that is called for as Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, moves through Sagittarius, the sign of the Truth-Seeker. As we reinvent our language, it must come out of the core, the underground, of our experience. In The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, theologian Matthew Fox writes:

It is out of deep experience that language is reborn. This rebirth occurs through the generation of new images, for images are closer to our experience than words.

Images are the midwives between experience and language. A mystical awakening will entail an awakening of the power of images to heal, to name, to excite, to teach.

The image of Lilith is an especially potent midwife and teacher. This Dark Goddess, appearing in the sacred Tree of Life in the very earliest mythology from Sumeria, is rooted in ancient prehistory. She pushes touchy buttons in the unconscious, as her dubious reputation suggests. Charged as seductress, child-killer, and bride of Satan, Lilith is essentially Tantric in nature, erotic and transformative, stripping the veils of illusion in her Dance of the Seven Veils (one for each chakra). She has intrigued artists and writers such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, George Bernard Shaw, and Victor Hugo. A provocative 1960's movie named Lilith stars Jean Seberg, Warren Beatty and Peter Fonda. We meet her in the fiction of Anais Nin and as a character in T.V.'s Cheers. She presides over the popular Lilith Fair music-fest. Several web sites are dedicated to her, and lines of sexy products and services are sold in her name.

Goddess of Earth and Heaven, Lilith gives her name to four rather esoteric points in astrology--an asteroid, a seldom seen dusky Dark Moon that circles the Earth, and the Black Moon, a energy vortex in the Earth-Moon system. The "demon" star Algol, pictured as the head of Medusa, is also called Lilith. All four of these Liliths are active in the eclipse. I have already mentioned the conjunction of Black Moon with Pluto, a deep revelation of the Black Madonna wielding her compassionate yet uncompromising Sword of Truth.

Asteroid Lilith is retrograde at 9 degrees Pisces, squaring the Pluto-Black Moon conjunction. This square of two Liliths activates the energy of this goddess on more than one level, demonstrating the dysfunction of outmoded socio-cultural role models of the feminine, suggesting confrontations in sexual and power dynamics in relationships, and urging new psychic perceptions to be integrated into our mode of response. Together Asteroid and Black Moon create a T-square with Venus in retrograde motion at 2 degrees Virgo. Another manifestation of the Dark Goddess, the radiant Lady of the Evening has disappeared into the sunset. Periodically the Love Goddess descends to the underworld in order to reevaluate relationships and her level of satisfaction--yet another indication of the attention to quality in relationship during this major shift year and the emerging influence of the feminine. Venus retrogrades back and stations at 18 degrees Leo--the eclipse point!--on September 11. Now the Morning Star, she is re-newed, empowered and ready to move on. At New Year, Venus is in the first degrees of Sagittarius. She, too, reveals the truth.

Dark Moon Lilith participates in the fixed grand cross of the eclipse. Dark Moon is at 18 degree 10 minutes Aquarius, conjunct Uranus and the South Node, and exactly opposite the eclipse point. Dark Moon, well researched by Delphine Jay in Interpreting Lilith, lures us into our more self-centered illusions for the purpose of purging negative desires and to grow beyond the habitual patterns of early Moon conditioning. Dark Moon represents a primal, objective, impersonal instinct that seeks identification beyond the physical and emotional realms. "This is the way it must be," she says clearly and definitively, like one of the Fates. When her expression is denied or self-centered, she can be quite negative; when the emotional content is channelized into higher centers (as a Leo eclipse also suggests), she adds power to creative, mental or aesthetic expression, even to spiritual practice. "Lilith strictly symbolizes the objective thinking approach. Anything less is unsuccessful," writes Jay. Its nature is quite compatible with Uranus in Aquarius in its push toward a broader socio-spiritual perspective that breaks with patterns from the past.

The Lilith star Algol is right in the fixed cross of this eclipse also. Located at the zodiacal equivalent of 25+ Taurus, Algol culminates, or reaches its highest point in the sky, at 18 Taurus. The culmination point is significant in a star's impact, rather like a planet on the mid heaven, as discussed by Bernadette Brady in her excellent new book, Brady's Book of Fixed Stars. This point is exactly square the eclipse point, and conjunct Saturn. Algol is baleful eye of Medusa, the serpent-haired witch in Greece, that turns the viewer to stone. Such an Eye perceives "with an objectivity, like that of nature itself and our dreams, boring into the soul to find the naked truth, to see reality beneath all its myriad forms and the illusions and defenses it displays," writes Sylvia Pereira in Descent to the Goddess. For the Chinese, Algol was called the star of Piled-Up Corpses, according to star researcher R.A. Allen. Not an easy star to deal with, Algol insists yet again on clear-sightedness, perception and power.

In her many forms, Lilith offers stepping stones to deep dimensions of our souls. Essentially Tantric in nature, Lilith is erotic and transformational. As one who takes us through the darkness to find the greater more subtle light, she has affinity with other dark goddesses--Hecate, Kali, The Black Madonna and the Shekhina. She brings the men in from the fields for the sacred rites. She sings the Song of Solomon. She offers Eve the apple.

She it is who stands at the Millennial threshold, as she has ever stood at the gate of the Secret Garden, the Garden of Eden, wielding the flaming Sword of Truth that cuts through illusions. Through her many octaves of influence she taps into an urgent desire of the soul that seeks dramatization in life and will brook no denial. In a time such as ours of potent change, the Black Goddess Lilith, with her vital creative life force and spiritual impulse, illumines the inner pathway with the most heart for each seeker of Truth and Love. The Dark Goddess looks you in the eye and asks, "Who are you? What do you want to be in your new life?"

©1999 M. Kelley Hunter

Maybe, a real astrologer is also partly a doctor (even a psychotherapist?). In this connection it is interesting to look at the map of famous Nostradamus. It is well known that Michael Nostradamus was not only a prophet, but also a famous doctor. (In his map WH24 makes a sextile to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the 10th House, a square to Venus and a trine to Uranus. Uranus, the ruler of the 12th House, is located precisely in the middle point "Jupiter\WH").


The directions of the Solar arc on 01.07.1537 (the middle of the year) form the following aspects, connected with 1998WH24:

  1. The directional 1998WH24 is in the most accurate conjunction with the natal middle point "Sun-Moon" (Orb- 1 angular minute), in the natal 8th House;
  2. The directional 1998WH24 is in the most accurate quadrate to the natal Uranus, the ruler of the 12th House. (Orb - 2 minutes). (Here I can't help noticing that Nostradamus in his struggle with the terrible disease used the newest, in many respects experimental medical ways of treatment);
  3. The directional Lilit is in sextile to WH (14 angular minutes);

The discovery of WH24 occurred on the First Lunar day, i.e. in the New Moon. (Tradition considers that the New Moon weakens the vital forces of a man). WH, thus, is in the accurate opposition with the Sun, and in a 3-degree opposition with the Moon that is going to leave the sign of its fall - Scorpio. Venus is in the 2nd degree of Sagittarius. It comes well enough into the orb of the oppositions with 1998WH24. Venus rules over the whole map (Libra is on Rise while Venus is in conjunction with Pluto), and - simultaneously - with the 8th House of the map. If we use "The Formula of illnesses " (S. V. Shestopalov), the quantity of conjunctions 1-6-8, perhaps, would exceed the necessary minimum.

By Gennadiy Maslov. Source: http://www.maslov.aaanet.ru/articles/wheng.htm
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