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Save Money by Using Phone Cards

Phone cards are the cheapest way for international students to call home. You can use phone cards from your home, from payphones, or from cell phones. Phone cards can also be used from your home phone without changing your registered local or long distance carrier.

However, the "con" of using phone cards is that, before you dial your destination number, you need to dial a special 1-800 number and a long "PIN" number. Despite the inconvenience, phone cards are the most popular way for international students to call home, because of their low cost.
So, let's learn basic things you must know about phone cards before you start using them:

Saving Tips:
To save
money, use a
no connection
fee phone card
to call first,
to make sure
that the
person you
want to talk to
is home. Then,
hang up, and
use a phone
card with
connection fee
to call again.

1. How to choose phone cards: There are many, many calling card companies offering cheap rates, due to the deregulated environment. Since the industry is very competitive, some companies resort to marketing tricks to attract customers. International students need to be very careful when choosing a phone card.

2. How to use them: New arrivals might find it difficult or inconvenient to use a phone card. In this section, we show you step-by-step instructions.

We have made a research on phone card providers and selected the best one for you.

Nobelcom (Recommended!)
The best company which sells phone cards through email. They offer the lowest domestic and international rates available anywhere on the net. Domestic rates start less than 1 cent per minute. Besides it is very easy to use and high security provided.

Don't get ripped off - choose only recommended resources!

Next: How to Choose and Use Phone Cards.

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